Friday, October 31, 2008

Iraqi Oil Police Look To Secure Iraq’s Critical Oil Infrastructure

(File photo) (AFP: Toby Melville)

From Operation Iraqi Freedom:

Iraqi Oil Police look to secure Iraq’s critical oil infrastructure
BAGHDAD – The Commander of Iraq’s Oil Police expects to be able to protect Iraq’s oil pipeline infrastructure by 2012 if resources are available to accomplish his strategic plan. Maj. Gen. Hamid, Oil Police commander, presented the key points of his strategic plan to Lt. Gen. Frank Helmick, commander, Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq, during an informal meeting on 27 October. Hamid outlined the short, medium and long-term goals of taking over protection of Iraq’s pipelines from Ministry of Defense infrastructure battalions by 2012. “Financial allocations are the biggest challenge for taking over for MoD assets,” said Hamid.

The Oil Police Directorate, with ten battalions, transitioned to the Ministry of Interior in early 2008. These battalions have worked together with MoD infrastructure battalions to protect over 7500km of oil pipelines throughout Iraq. These additional security forces accounted for a 90% decrease in smuggling and transgression activities along the oil pipelines since 2007. An additional seven battalions are planned to be formed in 2009, with a total of 22 battalions planned for fielding by 2012. “The Oil Police Commander and MoI recognize the importance the role Oil Police play in the protection and security of Iraq’s critical oil pipeline infrastructure,” said Helmick.

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My Comment: The number of Iraqi forces is huge. Everyone knows where the money is .... and everyone knows that it has to be protected.

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