Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mexico's Drug Wars

A Mexican federal officer examines the scene where a woman was killed and a police investigator was critically injured during a midday shooting in Tijuana on Tuesday. (By Guillermo Arias -- Associated Press)

Calderón Defends War on Cartels -- The Washington Post

Mexican President's Administration Concedes That Many Police Are Unqualified

MEXICO CITY, Nov. 28 -- President Felipe Calderón and his government defended their fight against public corruption and drug trafficking Friday, asking for greater powers to go after organized crime. They conceded that most Mexicans feel unsafe and that many police are unqualified to do their jobs.

One hundred days after calling for a sweeping overhaul of security forces, including a reorganization of the federal police into a single agency, Calderón and his cabinet cited some successes, such as the recent arrest of several drug captains and corrupt officials. But they acknowledged that the extreme violence unleashed in Mexico was daunting.

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My Comment: mexico's President does the right thing .... he lists the success and failures of Mexico's drug war.

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