Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mumbai Attacks: First Look Inside The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Security services survey a destroyed room inside Photo: GETTY

From The Telegraph:

The Sunday Telegraph witnessed the scene of carnage inside Mumbai's Taj Mahal Palace hotel.

The sickly sweet smell of dead bodies mixed with the odour of cordite was overwhelming in the shattered lobby of the Taj Mahal hotel after the siege ended.

The charred remains of the ground floor soon after army commandos killed the final terrorist in the Bombay (Mumbai) attacks and began to remove the corpses of his victims. Once patronised by the world's rich and famous, only a burnt out shell remains.

In the lobby, peppered with bullet holes, traumatised hotel staff huddled disconsolately together in groups. All wore face masks against the overpowering stench and gloves in case they were summoned to carry yet another dead body recovered from the debris upstairs.

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My Comment: All of that wealth, style, and beauty destroyed in an instant.

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