Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vicious Drug Turf War Turns Mexican Border Town Of Tijuana Into A Killing Zone

Mexico's drug war death tally is more than 4,000 this year - 685 in Tijuana Photo: AP

From The Telegraph:

The four men in bulletproof vests, Kalashnikovs held casually at their sides, crossed the street to Tijuana's Crazy Banana pool hall so calmly that onlookers presumed they were undercover police officers – until they heard the gunfire and screams.

Moments later, the men raced back out of the bar and sped off in a getaway car, leaving the once-popular pool hall with its thatched roof and yellow painted walls a bullet-ridden crime scene.

The five billiards players gunned down there were the some of the latest victims in a brutal drug turf war that has unleashed an orgy of killing along America's southern frontier.

The attack was one of dozens of recent incidents in the sprawling Mexican border city, where nearly 300 people have been killed since late-September – many mutilated, tortured and beheaded in gruesome terror tactics copied from Iraq's brutal conflict.

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My Comment: This is a war that that is far worse than what happened in Mumbai this past week.

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