Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chihuahua City Now A Model For Cleaning Up Mexico's Police

Photo: Rich Clabaugh/Christian Science Monitor Staff

From Christian Science Monitor:

A three-month-old program that allows human rights workers 24-hour access to live images of prison life is the newest effort toward transparency for Chihuahua's lauded police department.

Chihuahua city, Mexico - There is nothing extraordinary inside the municipal jail in Chihuahua City: Half a dozen men kill time – some sleeping, others pacing – their languid motions caught on TV monitors outside their cells.

But the cameras aren't just to aid the guards. Across town, Chihuahua's state human rights office is viewing the same scene on a TV screen that shows images from cameras set up throughout two city jails.

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My Comment: Transparency is the weapon that is most effective against corrupt police, bureaucrats, and politicians. This story is another example of what happens when you practice it.

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