Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why Al Qaeda Isn't Gaining A Foothold In Cambodia

Village Elder: Yousuf Bin Abetalip, one of Cambodia's 400,000 Muslims.
Photo by David Montero

From Christian Science Monitor:

The post-Khmer Rouge nation is a portrait of tolerance for Muslims, but the US worries that this could change.

CHROYAMONTREY, Cambodia - In this village, and others like it throughout Cambodia, Muslims and non-Muslims live side by side in harmony, their existences unmarred by the toxic cocktail of government repression, separatist ambitions, and growing radicalism characteristic of many neighboring countries.

"I've been living with Muslim neighbors since I was young," says resident Ouk Ros. "When there's a marriage, we join together in the party."

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My Comment: Saudi Wahabism is now coming to Cambodia. Everything is going to change now.

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