Sunday, January 25, 2009

Israel Hamas War Aftermath -- January 25, 2009

Israeli soldiers are briefed at a staging area on the northern Israel-Gaza border. Israel pulled its last troops from the Strip before dawn. (Tsafrir Abayov / AP)

Hamas Executes Suspected Fatah Traitors In Gaza -- San Francisco Chronicle

As Israel's last troops left the Gaza Strip Wednesday, Hamas officials conceded that they are executing Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel during the three-week invasion.

In the West Bank, Fatah officials said at least 19 of its members have been executed and many more brutally tortured. Gaza residents say Hamas is using schools and other public buildings in Gaza City, and the towns of Khan Yunis and Rafah as detention centers to interrogate members of Fatah, their political rivals. They said three men have been blinded during questioning and more than 60 have been shot in the legs as punishment.

"They are committing human rights violations in a very brutal manner," Mahmoud Habbash, Palestinian Authority minister of social welfare said in Ramallah. "Not only did Israel perpetrate war crimes, but Hamas also has been targeting innocent Palestinians."

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More News On The Israel Hamas War Aftermath

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