Saturday, January 31, 2009

Planning For The "Unthinkable"

Hiroshima Memorial

From The Armchair Generalist:

I'll bet that you were just wondering if your state and city emergency planners were prepared for that DHS scenario of a 10 kiloton nuclear device going off in your city. Well, wonder no more! The feds have written the manual for how to prepare for and respond to that event.

What is the "Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation"?

The White House developed this guidance specifically for application for nuclear detonations. This guidance is the first Federal guidance focusing on areas of severe damage and high radiation. It provides the basis to help state and local planners develop state and local plans by tailoring this guidance to their specific circumstances or to compare differing inputs and assumptions. It serves to facilitate coordination between state and local planners and the Federal government.

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My Comment: A great post. Makes me want to dig my own fall out shelter and stock it with food and provisions.

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