Saturday, January 31, 2009

Promoting The Worse In The CIA -- Change We Can Believe In

Controversial CIA Official Tapped for Counterterrorism Center, Sources
Say -- CQ Politics/Spy Talk

Disenchanted CIA employees have long complained that Operations Directorate managers with serious blots on their record evade punishment and continue up the career ladder.

Along that line, grumbles are growing that a former CIA station chief in Baghdad, allegedly "notorious" for womanizing and the licentious behavior of his aides, is in line to become chief of the spy agency's powerful Counterterrorism Center, or CTC.

"It's a done deal," said a recent retiree who spoke anonymously because of agency security rules.

A CIA spokesman called that "wrong."

The Intelligence Identities Protection Act prohibits further identifying the official, who was Baghdad station chief during 2005.

"He was probably the single most notorious COS [chief of station] Baghdad, the guy who was in charge there when boozing and womanizing was really out of control," he added.

"What message do you think that is going to send to the troops?"

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My Comment: It is not what you know .... but who you know and when you know them. If this story is true, this appointment is clearly an appointment done more out of loyalty and friendship, than out of professionalism and a resume of accomplishment.

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