Saturday, February 28, 2009

Afghan War Should Last Until 2025: Ex-Commander

Photo: Lt. Gen. David Barno says he will take "rapid action" on recommendations from an internal review expected to wrap up by the end of June. BELA SZANDELSZKY/AP/FILE (Photo taken 2004)

From The Danger Room:

The Iraq war may be winding down. But the battle for Afghanistan could continue until 2025.

That's the view, at least, of Lt. Gen. (Ret.) David Barno, the former head of coalition forces in Afghanistan. In testimony yesterday before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Barno outlined a strategy that anticipates keeping U.S. troops there for another 16 years.

Barno's vision of the Afghanistan strategy, in brief:

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My Comment:I can hear the White House and the Joint Chiefs gasping for air after hearing these comments from General Barno. But you know what .... he is making sense.

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