Friday, February 27, 2009

Afghanistan War News Updates -- February 27-28, 2009

U.S. troops patrol in Tupak, Afghanistan. Washington officials have talked of lowering expectations in the war. Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Afghanistan's Defense Minister Warns Against U.S. Pullback -- L.A. Times

Abdul Rahim Wardak says the Obama administration's recent comments of lowered goals have Kabul worried that Afghanistan's civilian government could fall to the Taliban.

Reporting from Washington -- Afghanistan's defense minister warned Thursday that the Obama administration's proposed changes in U.S. war strategy risk undermining Kabul's civilian government because they appear to scale back U.S. goals in the country.

Abdul Rahim Wardak said he was troubled by recent comments from senior U.S. officials that they were "lowering expectations" in Afghanistan in order to set more "obtainable goals," saying such language recalls memories of the U.S. desertion of Afghanistan after the Soviet Union pulled out in 1989.

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