Saturday, February 28, 2009

How Close Is Iran To A Bomb?

From Newsweek:

Iran now has enough low-enriched uranium to make one atomic bomb—at least theoretically. Independent analysts say that became clear after the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency issued its latest inspection report on Feb. 19, revealing the presence of 1,010 kilograms of the material Washington and the Europeans hoped would never exist.

It's a grim milestone on the road to nuclear perdition; but, then, Iran has passed so many of those in the last five years. And many, like this one, were not quite as dramatic as initial reports implied. U.N. inspectors quickly downplayed stories that they'd not only underestimated the quantities in earlier reports, but they might even have been deceived. Sources close to the IAEA also suggested that it would take about 50 percent more of the low-enriched stuff to process enough high-enriched stuff to make a bomb (a target that could be reached later this year).

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My Comment: The day that we will accurately know all that there is to know about Iran's nuclear weapons program is the day that will explode one to test its capabilities. Like Russia, China, India, and Pakistan .... it was when they had tested one that we then learned that they now had the bomb.

The same case will be for Iran.


Anonymous said...

I'm Iranian, Today after 100 years that Iran explored the oil and reached oil industry, it couldn't gave petroleum from oil. The petroleum that Iran polluted from Oil costs 1.5 $ per liter and the free petroleum in Persian gulf (Petroleum that produced from Arabian countries like KSA) is only 0.3 $ per liter, and Iran buy 0.3 $/lit and sells 0.1 $/lit to peoples. Iran can't produce just it's petroleum itself and India helps Iran so Iran never reached to Nuclear Power or Nuclear Bombs even after 100 years!!

Anonymous said...

maybe you should keep an eye of your own country regarding infamous bombs before attacking other idiot!

Anonymous said...

What Ali R is saying is true. Iran can't even refine it's own oil.
You know very well that low grade uranium enrichment is no use in a bomb, no matter how much you have.

India, Pakistan et al have kept themselves safe from attack, so it was a very wise decision to have the bomb as a deterrent. Iran is entitled to the same protection, especially as they have the distinction of never having been the aggressor in any war in their entire history.

Stop war mongering.

Anonymous said...

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