Saturday, February 28, 2009

NSA Should Oversee Cybersecurity, Intel Chief Says

From Wired:

Despite the fact that many Americans distrust the National Security Agency for its role in the Bush Administration's warrantless wiretapping program, the agency should be entrusted with securing the nation's telecommunications networks and other cyber infrastructures, President Obama's director of national intelligence told Congress on Wednesday.

Director of National Intelligence Admiral Dennis Blair told the House intelligence committee (.pdf) that the NSA, rather than the Department of Homeland Security which currently oversees cybersecurity, has the smarts and the skills to secure cyberspace.

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My Comment: A good post from Wired on this sensitive issue. The author's post mirrors my own personal opinion from a few days ago .... the "NSA has the resources and manpower to provide cyber security to non-governmental sites in a quick and efficient manner".

The issue of privacy protection are legitimate, but this is where Congress must provide the oversight to insure that abuses do not happen. Will Congress agree .... we will know soon.

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