Saturday, February 28, 2009

President Obama's Election Has Had No Impact On Al Qaeda's Support In The Arab World:

Islam at its peak (Image from Get Religion)

Majority Support Al-Qaida Political Goals -- UPI

A recent study polling predominantly Muslim countries has found that a majority of people support al-Qaida's political goals but not the use of terrorism.

The study, conducted in eight majority-Muslim countries, suggests that a significant number of people support al-Qaida's political goal of pushing U.S. military forces out of the Middle East and predominantly Muslim countries in other regions.

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My Comment: This poll is troubling on many levels. First .... the idea that 30% of the sampling supports terrorism against Western civilians is bad news for all those who have interests in the Middle East .... but what makes this poll frightening is that a majority strongly support the political aspirations of Al Qaeda.

So .... what are the political aspirations of Al Qaeda? Ignoring Jihad, $200 a barrel oil, and the dream of establishing a worldwide Caliphate that will only tolerate the teachings of Mohamed .... their political goal is clearly going to be hostile towards those who do not share their religious point of view.

In addition, this poll indicates that Al Qaeda (as a philosophy) has not diminished one iota .... even after their terror campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan have exposed them as the barbarians that they are.

Hmmm .... I guess the election of President Obama has had no impact on the "Arab Street".

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