Friday, February 27, 2009

Why The CIA Has To Spy On Britain -- A Commentary

The London headquarters of MI5. Photograph: Frank Baron (The Guardian)

From The Spectator:

Tim Shipman says that Britain is now so overwhelmed by Islamist extremists and terrorist plots that our foreign policy has become subservient to our desperate need for intelligence

On the night of the Mumbai attacks I spoke to an old security source of mine, who has friends in SIS, MI5 and defence intelligence. There was only one thought on the minds of our security chiefs that night: ‘Are they British?’

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My Comment: The British can easily solve their terrorist problem. Ignore their treaty obligations to the EU, and start deporting those who abuse the system and/or are involved in promoting hate and terrorism. There will be a lot of protestation from EU politicians, bureaucrats, and civil right groups .... but the problem will be solved very quickly.

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