Monday, March 30, 2009

Extreme Right Gains Ground As Ukraine Falls Into Crisis

A poisonous feud between President Viktor Yuschenko and Yulia Tymoshenko, the prime minister, has compounded the problems facing Ukraine Photo: AFP/GETTY

From The Telegraph:

Europe's economic crisis has allowed the extreme right in Ukraine to capitalise on the turmoil engulfing the former Soviet republic.

An unexpected regional election victory by a previously marginal ultra-nationalist party is among a string of developments in Ukraine that threaten to fulfil the worst fears of G20 leaders as they gather for their summit in London.

Lacking the protection of European Union membership, Ukraine has few of the safeguards that prevent its Western neighbours from falling into ruin.

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My Comment: My Russian father grew up in the Ukraine from 1922 - 1941. I have scores of cousins, uncles, and aunts in the country. It is a crying shame to see what is happening now .... and I am grateful that my father is not alive to see what is happening.

Government incompetence mixed with the poison of Ukrainian/Russian nationalism ..... this country of 50 million is going through rough times. The financial crisis in the country is destroying people's faith in the government and their future, and the ones who are now being looked upon as their saviors are the worse of the worse in the Ukrainian political establishment.

Again .... I am grateful that my father is not alive to see what is happening in the country that he bled for during the Second World War.

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