Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Israel Foiled An Arms Convoy Bound For Hamas

From Time Magazine:

Israeli fighter-bombers, backed by unmanned drones, were responsible for a mid-January attack on a 23-truck convoy in the Sudanese desert carrying arms to Hamas militants, two highly placed Israeli security sources revealed to TIME. The attack was a warning to Iran and other adversaries, showing Israel's intelligence capability and its willingness to mount operations far beyond its borders in order to defend itself from gathering threats.

The sources revealed exclusive details about the bold air attack on what they said was an Iranian weapons convoy, which was transporting rockets and explosives destined for Gaza, where an Israeli assault was ongoing. They denied earlier news reports that U.S. aircraft had been involved in the attack on the arms convoy as it crossed at night through the Sudanese desert heading for Egypt's poorly guarded border. "The Americans were notified that Israel was going to conduct an air operation in Sudan, but they were not involved," a source said. He denied prior claims by a U.S. television network that a ship and a second convoy were destroyed. "There was only one raid, and it was a major operation," he said, adding that "dozens of aircraft" were used.

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My Comment: Drones were not used to do the strike .... as previously reported .... but jet fighters were used with drones confirming the kill. A fascinating action report .... if true.

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Anonymous said...

In an age of phone cams and YouTube I have seen NO verification of this event. And I am really unsure of why anyone would choose to smuggle in a convoy of so many trucks. I mean everyone along the route would take notice. And it would require gas stops. Do you believe that this event happened ?