Monday, March 30, 2009

Mexico's Drug Cartel War -- News Updates March 30, 2009

Mexican Army soldiers on patrol in Reynosa, a border town. A cartel has hired a paramilitary force to protect its turf there. Adriana Zehbrauskas for The New York Times

In Drug War, Mexico Fights Cartel and Itself -- New York Times

REYNOSA, Mexico — An army convoy on the hunt for traffickers rolled out of its base recently in this border town under the control of the Gulf Cartel — and an ominous voice crackled over a two-way radio frequency to announce just that. The voice, belonging to a cartel spy, then broadcast the soldiers’ route through the city, turn by turn, using the same military language as the soldiers.

“They’re following us,” Col. Juan José Gómez, who was monitoring the transmission from the front seat of an olive-green pickup truck, said with a shrug.

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More News On Mexico's Drug Cartel War

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