Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sri Lanka War News Updates -- March 31, 2009

Defiant Tigers Frustrate Sri Lanka's Military -- Yahoo News/AFP

COLOMBO (AFP) – Two months after President Mahinda Rajapakse vowed that the Tamil Tiger rebels would be defeated within days, fighting rages on in Sri Lanka at the cost of escalating military, rebel and civilian lives.

Government forces who were advancing into Liberation Tigers' of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) territory at the rate of more than a kilometre (0.6 miles) a day have slowed to a snail's pace.

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More News On Sri Lanka

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Sikander Hayat said...

Regarding Sri Lanka Long War:
The war has gone on for around 25 years and whole generations of Tamils and Sinhalese have seen nothing but war & bloodshed. I believe that this war must end one way or the other. If Sri Lankan government can end it though fighting than so be it because in the long run the end of this war will be beneficial for the future Tamil as well as Sinhalese generations. It will be called genocide if Tamils stopped fighting and Sri Lanka was still killing them but we all know that this is not the case. So to stop this war Tamils will have to throw down their weapons and come to a peaceful and amicable political settlement by reaching a compromise on local autonomy for Tamil majority areas.


By Sikander Hayat