Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cirsis On The Korean Peninsula -- Commentaries, Opinions, And Editorials

North Korea’s Nuclear Tests: A Sign Of Things To Come? -- RUSI

North Korea’s most recent nuclear testing has provoked international outrage, but the challenges here come with a foreboding of an ‘American strategic disaster’ further afield.

North Korea’s latest nuclear test has been met with a wave of international outrage, UN Security Council emergency meetings and a flurry of political consultations. And, just as predictably, the ultimate result was not very encouraging: a new UN Security Council resolution, a few statements warning that what North Korea has done is ‘unacceptable’, yet little action. Nevertheless, behind all this diplomatic noise lurk some horrible realities. The entire system of deterrence which governed relations between nuclear powers for over half a century appears to be melting down. The proliferation of nuclear weapons is now an established fact; what North Korea has done is precisely what Iran is seeking to achieve as well. But nobody has a workable policy to prevent these ominous developments. In short, the world’s nuclear future is now set to become predictably unpredictable.

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