Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Korean Invasion Blindsides The U.S. Army -- But In A Good Way

A Korean man signing up at an Army recruitment office in Los Angeles.
Miriam Jordan/The Wall Street Journal

From The Wall Street Journal:

Immigrants From Peninsula Swamp Program Offering Citizenship; Other Groups Squeezed

LOS ANGELES -- Suk Joon Lee, a South Korean immigrant, feared his days in the U.S. were numbered. His ice-cream shop wasn't doing well, and if it failed, his investor visa could be revoked.

Then Mr. Lee stumbled upon a Korean-language Web site that described a way out: a program that the Army was about to launch that offered a shortcut to getting U.S. citizenship. The site was created by another Korean immigrant, James Hwang, and it explained in minute detail the steps required to qualify.

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My Comment: From my own personal experience (my parents are immigrants from Russia) .... I have found that many immigrants are more loyal and dedicated to their adopted country than citizens who are fifth, sixth etc. generations. This program will (and is) a success story, and this does not surprised me at all.

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