Sunday, May 31, 2009

Likely Hizbollah Electoral Victory In Lebanon Raises Prospect Of New Tensions With Israel

Lebanese Hizbollah women with the national and Hizbollah flags draped about their shoulders walk in Beirut's southern suburbs Photo: REUTERS

From The Telegraph:

Hizbollah, the heavily armed militant group supported by Iran, is poised to lead a coalition to victory in Lebanon's parliamentary elections next week.

The party could come to power thanks to its unlikely alliance with Michel Aoun, a leader of Lebanon's Christian minority, whose followers have joined forces with the hardline Shia Muslim party after falling out with fellow Christians.

Mr Aoun's party is expected to secure around 30 seats, while Hezbollah, which is allied with the Amal party, another hardline Shia faction, is expected to retain its current holding of 35 seats. With around 65 seats between them, the alliance would have a slender majority in the 124 seat parliament.

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My Comment: Hexbollah's control of the Lebanese Government will guarantee war with Israel within the next year or two. Their victory will also guarantee the end of the Cedar Revolution as we know it.

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