Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

President Obama Pays Memorial Day Weekend Tribute to US Military

Memorial Day 2009 -- Links, Videos and Commentaries

Obama heads to Arlington cemetery for Memorial Day -- AP
On Memorial Day, Honoring Military Service and Sacrifice -- Voice of America
Memorial Day Roll Call Salutes 148,000 Veterans -- Yahoo News/AP
Old Army Buddies -- Michael Auslin, Washington Post
A Brief History of Memorial Day -- Time Magazine
Those Who Make Us Say 'Oh!' -- Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
What are the origins of Memorial Day? -- Seattle PI
They Died for You -- Rick Atkinson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Remembering Bataan -- Washington Times
Roots of Memorial Day -- Hayley Peterson, Washington Examiner
What are the Origins of Memorial Day? -- Seattle Post Intelligencer
Memorial Day Note: The Decline of Veterans in Washington -- Wall Street Journal
Observing Memorial Day -- Larry Abeldt, Abilene Recorder Chronicle
Remembering the Old Army Buddy -- Michael Auslin, Washington Post
What Does Memorial Day Mean? -- Tabatha Hunter, Benton County Daily Record
What Patriotism Means to an American Citizen -- Johnnie Godwin, The Tennessean
Will President Obama Send a Wreath to Confederate Memorial at Arlington? -- ABC News
Let Us Honor the Best and Noblest of Us All -- Spartanburg Herald Journal
Honor Their Sacrifice -- Doug Chapin, Washington Times
At Camp Pendleton, every day is Memorial Day -- L.A. Times
Legacies of War Dead Endure -- Rick Hampson, USA Today
Obama Pays Memorial Day Weekend Tribute -- Kent Klein, Voice of America
Should we change Memorial Day back to its originally appointed Day? -- Examiner
Grief and Honor at Arlington Cemetery -- James Key, USA Today
Honoring the Fallen on Memorial Day -- Washington Post (Pictures)
Memorial Day -- Steyn Online
Memorial Day 2009 -- McQ, Blackfive
Honoring American Heroes -- National Review Online
A Word of Caution -- Greyhawk, Mudville Gazette
How Not to Celebrate Memorial Day -- Uncle Jimbo, Blackfive
Tibor Rubin -- Greyhawk, Mudville Gazette
Remembering Memorial isn't about picnics -- Daily Kos
Memorial Day: One Nation, One Moment -- Hot Air

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Memorial Day Message From The Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey.

Memorial Day Tribute

Taps, The Buglers Cry

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