Sunday, May 31, 2009

‘Top Gun’ Takes On Taliban Upside Down

Photo: Simon Rawlins says he has come close to death at least twice during his 193 missions

From Times Online:

The navy’s leading pilot in Afghanistan tells of the daring manoeuvre he used to tackle a militant stronghold

THE Royal Navy’s “Top Gun” pilot and veteran of almost 200 missions in Afghanistan has relived the hair-raising aerial manoeuvres used against a Taliban stronghold.

Lieutenant Simon Rawlins, 30, described flipping his Harrier jet upside down while flying up the side of a mountain at more than 500mph to scare off enemy troops.

The “show of force” mission required the fighter pilot to fly just 100ft above ground, the minimum safe distance, leaving him vulnerable to rocket attack and rifle fire.

Rawlins has clocked up in excess of 400 flying hours - more than any other navy pilot - providing air support for British and Nato troops in Afghanistan over five years.

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My Comment: A riveting read.

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