Monday, June 29, 2009

There Is Stupid, Then There Is REALLY Stupid In The U.S. Air Force

Airmen Sound Off On Stupid Rules -- U.S. Air Force

There’s stupid. Then there’s Air Force stupid.

At least that’s what hundreds of airmen told us when Air Force Times threw out the question: What are the dumbest rules in the Air Force?

We’d like to take credit for the question, but it really goes to Army Maj. Gen. Michael Oates, who asked his soldiers in the 10th Mountain Division what griped them about the way the Army lays down the law.

Oates got nearly 100 responses to his blog post; we counted more than 350 posts to our callout and received nearly 20 letters through the mail.

We passed on some of the gripes to service leaders to get their take.

The response: Cut us some slack, we’re working on it.

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My Comment: Sometimes we need a laugh.

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