Tuesday, June 30, 2009

World News Briefs -- June 30, 2009


Top US commander: Iran still supports Iraq attacks. Car bomb kills at least 24 people in Iraqi city.

Iraq auction terms deter oil firms.

Yemeni plane with 153 crashes off Comoros Islands.

ICRC says Palestinians trapped in Gaza face rising poverty, despair.

Israelis intercept Gaza aid ship.


Source: NKorean ship now going the other way.

US travel advice upsets Sri Lanka.

U.N. boss to push Myanmar leadership on Suu Kyi.

China postpones controversial Web filter.

Asia's police to tackle sex trade.


Militants hit oil supplies in Nigeria.

Zimbabwe secures $950 mln credit from China.

Niger opposition accuses president of coup.

New torture allegations against Kenyan security.

Corruption the 'bane' of Mozambique: African experts.


Russia begins war games near Georgia.

16 dead in train derailment in Italy.

Hungary passes 2010 tax law, key test for govt.

Flight 447 black box search continuing.


Zelaya, defying coup, plans return to Honduras. UN tells Honduras to reinstate president. Many Hondurans in the US laud president's ouster.

Canadian economy slips in April.

Kirchner resigns as party leader in Argentina. What Argentina's midterms mean for Latin America.


Cigarette smuggling finances ‘terrorist’ groups.

Qaeda warns France of revenge for burka stance.

Supreme Court refuses case by Sept. 11 victims’ families.

Detainees from over 20 nations remain at Guantanamo.


Germany's Merkel pledges tax cuts despite rising deficit.

Warning: Britain faces new recession.

London stocks rocked by GDP figures.

U.S> Home prices post 18.1 percent annual drop in April.

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