Friday, July 31, 2009

Divided, Demoralized Palestinian Movement Hopes To Hit 'Restart'

From McClatchy News:

RAMALLAH, West Bank — For half a century, the fortunes of the Palestinian people have been inextricably linked to the fate of Fatah, the once-dominant political movement founded by Yasser Arafat. Five years after Arafat's death, the movement is divided, and hopes of establishing even a weak Palestinian state alongside Israel appear as elusive as ever.

Next week, for the first time in two decades, Fatah leaders from around the world will meet in Bethlehem at a conference they hope will be a new start. The run-up to the conference doesn't give demoralized Palestinians much reason for hope, however.

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My Comment: The McClatchy news reporter realizes what all Middle East observers have known for a long time .... there is no viable partner on the Palestinian side to negotiate peace.

As long as the Palestinians remain divided, any talk about peace will just be that .... talk.

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