Friday, July 31, 2009

How Terrorists Are Recruited In Europe

Photo: A photo purporting to show Moez Garsallaoui firing a rocket launcher on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

European Gang Trained For Terror -- CNN

Editor's note: This story is based on interrogation reports that form part of the prosecution case in the forthcoming trial of six Belgian citizens charged with participation in a terrorist group. Versions of those documents were obtained by CNN from the defense attorney of one of those suspects. The statement by Bryant Vinas was compiled from an interview he gave Belgian prosecutors in March 2009 in New York, and was confirmed by U.S. prosecutors as authentic. The statement by Walid Othmani was given to French investigators, and was authenticated by Belgian prosecutors.

(CNN) -- An American who says he went to fight U.S. forces in Afghanistan told interrogators that about the time he became an al Qaeda member he came across several Belgian and French militants.

Belgian counter-terrorism sources said the group traveled to Pakistan's tribal areas at the beginning of 2008, also intent on fighting in Afghanistan.

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My Comment: I only hope that cases like this are rare. If not .... Europe is positioning itself for a lot of hurt in the future.

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