Thursday, July 30, 2009

World News Briefs -- July 30, 2009

A demonstrator in Italy holds up a picture of Neda Agha-Soltan, an Iranian woman who was killed during post-election unrest in Tehran in June. Iranian police were out in force on Thursday at a cemetery where defiant opposition leaders are planning a memorial visit to the graves of protesters killed in post-election violence, witnesses said. (AFP/File/Giuseppe Cacace)

Iran Police Break Up Memorial For Protest Victims -- Yahoo News/Reuters

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Baton-wielding Iranian police fired tear gas on Thursday and arrested protesters mourning the young woman killed in post-election violence who has become a symbol for the opposition to Tehran's hardline leaders.

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Iran police beat opposition sympathisers at graveside memorial.

Bombs kill 12 in north and west Iraq, say police.

US hopeful about exit after a quiet July in Iraq.

West Bank settlers send Obama defiant message.

Israel to allow cement into Gaza.


US envoy warns of possible new sanctions on North Korea.

India prime minister pushes for dialogue with Pakistan.

Burma warning on Suu Kyi protests.

Kyrgyz authorities crack down on opposition rallies.

Activist says thousands missing in China's Uighur Province.

Beijing closing coal plants in environmental move.


Nigerian sect leader shot dead after capture: police.

Algerian soldiers 'die in ambush'.

Fed-up South Africans lash out at Zuma's government.

Fears of Zimbabwe plot grow after minister is held for stealing old mobile phone.

How Google and governments should manage Africa's Internet boom. Cable fault cuts off West Africa.


Spanish police defuse 2nd bomb on Mallorca. Blast on Spanish Island of Mallorca kills 2.

Moldovan Communists beaten in landmark election.

Recession robs Spain's youth of jobs and hope.

Report: Only 367 Muslim women in France wear full veil.

Serbian officials say Mladic is 'within reach'.


Honduran Leader backs return of President.

Hugo Chavez freezes ties with Colombia over weapons row.

Treasury announces sanctions of Mexican Drug Lords.

Russia signs oil pact, offers $150M credit to Cuba.


U.S. judge orders Guantanamo prisoner Jawad freed.

I bombed Jakarta hotels.

Was Manchester United the target of the Jakarta bombing?


Weak Treasury auctions raise worries about US debt burden.

US economy likely to contract in second quarter: Obama.

China's central bank reassures on monetary policy.

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