Monday, August 31, 2009

CIA News Updates -- August 31, 2009

CIA's Black Sites, Illuminated -- L.A. Times

The facilities were never meant to be 'ordinary prisons,' recently released documents reveal in meticulous detail.

Reporting from Washington - Their transformations took place in a sensory cocoon: aboard a CIA aircraft, shackled in place, deprived of sight and sound by blindfolds, headsets and hoods.

They emerged into an existence that was hidden for most of the last eight years, but now is possible to glimpse through dozens of declassified files released by the Obama administration last week.

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More News On The CIA

Ex-Intelligence Officials Cite Low Spirits at CIA -- Washington Post
Ex-CIA official: Probes hurting morale -- UPI
'The Agency Went over Bounds and Outside the Rules' -- Spiegel Online
Blackwater recruits used in CIA squads -- Washington Times
Blackwater Founder Accused in Court of Intent to Kill -- Washington Post
Blackwater moves to dismiss lawsuit -- UPI
Cheney Offers Sharp Defense of C.I.A. Interrogation Tactics -- New York Times
Cheney shrugs off CIA-torture investigation -- Christian Science Monitor
Ridge, Cheney Assail Holder's Decision -- ABC News
Democratic lawmaker questions probe of CIA interrogations -- AFP
Is Cheney Right? -- FOX News
'Special Report' Panel on the Obama Administration's CIA Probe -- FOX News
McCain Denies Giving O.K. to a CIA Torture Tactic -- Time Magazine
Ex-Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff sees risk in current anti-terror policies -- L.A. Times
The 'Most Prolific' Detainee -- Thomas Joscelyn, Weekly Standard opinion
Acknowledging the Obvious -- Stephen F. Hayes, Weekly Standard opinion
Eric Holder's Anti-CIA Witch Hunt -- Jennifer Rubin, Weekly Standard opinion
Eric Holder’s Hidden Agenda -- Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review opinion
No Cause for Shame -- Marc A. Thiessen, National Review opinion

WNU Editor: I have listed a few commentaries from conservative pundits who are critical of the CIA probe and investigation. Tomorrow, I will list those who are in favor of such a probe and investigation.

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