Monday, August 31, 2009

Japan's Election -- News And Analysis Updates August 31, 2009

Yukio Hatoyama, third from left, leader of Democratic Party of Japan, places a flower on the name of a party member who was announced a winner at Laforet Museum Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan. Getty Images

Rise Of A New Era In Japan -- Wall Street Journal

A 50-Year Dominance Ends as Voters Oust LDP; Rivals to Spend More, Weigh U.S. Ties

TOKYO -- Japanese voters overwhelmingly rejected the party that has largely ruled their nation for most of the past half a century, choosing instead an untested rival to grapple with an enfeebled economy and an aging society.

The historic change in government could usher in a new era for Japanese politics that replaces the staid consensus that guided Japan in its postwar boom years with a more fractious, competitive environment. The upstart Democratic Party of Japan and the establishment Liberal Democratic Party share similar positions on a number of issues. But the more-liberal DPJ is pushing an ambitious and expensive domestic spending agenda with an eye toward reigniting Japan's economy.

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