Monday, August 31, 2009

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 31, 2009

Social Media as a Paradigm Shift (Hat Tip: Zen Pundit)


Experts doubt Russian military has moved Bulava production -- RIA Novosti

Competition for the JSF Engine? - It Never Happened! -- Ares Blog/Aviation Week

Video: Belarussian Su-27 crashed at air show in Poland
-- Alert 5

USA’s B-2 Bombers Leading the Way in Contracting for Availability -- Defense industry Daily

Temporary Rundown Of India's Submarine Numbers -- Australia In the Indian Ocean

Japan Launches A Second Aircraft Carrier -- The Strategy Page

Pakistan Denies Modifying Harpoon Missiles -- Defense News

New Chute Means ‘Softer’ Landing for Paratroopers -- Danger Room

Al Qaeda's Bio Threat - Not So Much -- Armchair Generalist

Counter IED Plus Up in The 'Stan -- Defense Tech

Soldiers ordered to fire blanks in training as Ministry of Defence tries to save £700m -- Daily Mail

Djibouti, Africa: Base Operations Contracting -- Defense Industry Daily

Holes in US Defense Umbrella: Wynne -- DoD Buzz

Israel's Enemies Are a Strong Match in Cyber Realm -- Newsweek

Mullen On "Strategic Communication" -- Information Dissemination

Female Pilots Honored for WWII Service --

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