Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama, Gates Are Gutting America’s Defense Industry -- A Commentary

From The Examiner:

When Gen. William Snow arrived in Washington, D.C., to direct the buildup of the artillery for the Allied Expeditionary Force, he thought his office ought to have stationary reflecting the importance of the task.

His request was rejected. Rather than fund this excessive extravagance, it was suggested the general purchase a rubber stamp to mark his correspondence.

Snow joined a War Department completely unprepared to fight World War I. The Army hadn’t been used to buying much of anything since the Civil War. They had forgotten how. And, there wasn’t much to buy.

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My Comment: Of course they are gutting America's Defenses .... with $2 trillion dollar budget deficits they have no choice .... they are just not leveling this information to the American people (so they think).

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