Monday, August 31, 2009

The Arctic Sea Mystery Gets Stranger And Stranger

The freighter Arctic Sea set out from Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave on the Baltic, with a cargo of timber bound for Algeria. EPA / SOVFRACHT

Arctic Sea Sailors Freed After Mystery Detention: Reports -- Times Of India

MOSCOW: Sailors from a cargo ship allegedly hijacked by pirates in the Baltic Sea have gone home after their detention by Russian authorities fuelled theories of a cover-up, reports said today.

"According to my information, all 11 have returned home," Mikhail Voitenko, a shipping expert who has followed the case, said in a posting on his website, the Sovracht Maritime Bulletin.

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More News On The Arctic Sea

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My Comment: These sailors were first charged .... and now they are released? This tells me that all charges have been dropped, and for all practical purposes this case is now closed. I doubt that there is going to be investigation (at least publicly) ..... it seems that the intent is to now have this case "go away:.

From where I am standing .... this confirms a lot of suspicions, but with no proof and no evidence anything that I say will just be conjecture and opinion. For what it is worth,it appears that the Arctic Sea was carrying cargo that others were interested in. The ship is now back at port (with a new crew), and answers to questions are now being politely declined. No mention of cargo and what has happened in the past month.

As I said .... this mystery gets stranger and stranger with each passing day.

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