Monday, August 31, 2009

Was Russia's 'Hijacked' Ship Carrying Missiles To The Mideast?

Undated photo of the Maltese-registered, Finnish-chartered vessel, Arctic Sea, that mysteriously disappeared off the coast of France three weeks ago. REUTERS/SOVFRACHT

From Time Magazine:

In July, the Russian-manned cargo ship the Arctic Sea disappeared on its way to take timber from Finland to Algeria, sparking reports of the first incident of piracy in European waters since the days of the buccaneers. Experts and observers weighed in with their theories: the ship had been snatched in a commercial dispute; it was being used to run drugs; it was carrying something more precious — or dangerous — than timber.

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My Comment: Time Magazine is going to a place that I was not willing to go when I posted this story this morning .... but the idea that weaponry (including missiles) was part of this ship's cargo is probably valid. The fact that everyone connected to this case was released from jail yesterday only adds to this (cough cough) mystery.

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