Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Will Israel's Nuclear Deterrent Be Put To Sea?

Photo from Military Photos

From Information Dissemination:

There have been rumors that Israel has been pressuring Germany to finish the 2 submarines under construction. I guess the rumors are true.

Israel has taken delivery of two German submarines ordered four years ago, a military spokesman said on Tuesday...

The submarines, called U212s, can launch cruise missiles carrying nuclear warheads, although when it confirmed the sale in 2006 the German government said the two vessels were not equipped to carry nuclear weapons.

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My Comment: This is not only an excellent weapon system for deterring one's enemy, it can also quickly strike against military targets. I am sure that everyone in the region is looking at this development, and are pondering its implications.

As to being Israel's nuclear deterrent .... I do not know if their thinking is to go that way, but I am sure that they would like to at least have the option available.

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