Wednesday, September 30, 2009

World News Briefs -- September 30, 2009 (Evening Edition)

President Obama discusses Afghanistan with his national security team
in Washington Sept. 30. (White House)

Obama Hears Opinions On New Strategy In Afghanistan -- Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama heard opinions from top advisers on how to reverse the deteriorating Afghanistan war on Wednesday as part of a sweeping strategy review that could lead to more U.S. troops.

There were divisions within the administration, particularly between military and civilian leaders, over whether to bolster forces or take an alternative path as Obama inches toward a pivotal decision in a war that his predecessor, George W. Bush, began after the September 11 attacks eight years ago.

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Israel, Hamas in mutual gestures on prisoners.

Secret Iran plant gives U.S. leverage in Geneva talks. Iranian lawmakers warn west ahead of nuclear talks.

Iran allows visit to US detainees.

US: Iraq budget constraints security challenge.

US speeding up military withdrawal from Iraq. US General says Iraq exit is on track.

Netanyahu wants panel of inquiry over UN Gaza report.


Powerful Indonesia quake kills 75, traps thousands.

Aid flows to tsunami-hit Samoas as deaths hit 119.

Beijing locked down ahead of national day parade.

China looks to technology, diplomacy for future.

UN ratchets up criticism of Sri Lankan camps.

India promises twelvefold boost in nuclear capacity by 2050.

North Korea’s Kim is ‘in charge,’ top US commander in South Korea.


Somalia's al Shabaab rebels declare war on rivals.

Guinea bans mass gatherings after stadium bloodbath. Guinea protests 'will continue'.

US Navy says piracy activity off Somali coast rising.

Rape, violence against Darfur women refugees denounced. Sudanese refugees 'raped in Chad'.

Sudan: A cold war man, a hot war and a legal gray area.

Nigerian rebel group appoints mediators.


Georgia started war with Russia: EU-backed report. More news here.

Greeks prepare to elect Socialists.

Is Switzerland trading Polanski for banking leniency?

EU nations to hammer out financial oversight.

Google bosses on trial in Italy.


U.S. envoy in Cuba met with officials, citizens.

Chile invites Peru to disputed military exercise.

Peru: Fujimori sentenced to 6 years for corruption.

Cracks deepen among supporters of Honduran coup. Honduras says OAS delegation can visit.

U.S. - Mexico border deaths are increasing.

Lula faces criticism in Brazil over Honduras role.


Terrorist networks, narcotics groups increasingly aligned.

More Saudi help needed on terror finance-U.S. report.

Terrorists are 'refugees' says State Department.

Success against Al-Qaeda cited.


European stocks rise on upbeat IMF report.

Greenspan sees growth slowing as stocks ‘flatten out’.

Authors: U.S. economic crisis was long time in the making.

Officials: Fed will need to boost rates quickly.

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