Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Growing Development And Use Of UUVs

The Talisman UUV (Photo from War Is Boring)

Big Robots Operate In The Shadows -- Strategy Page

October 29, 2009: UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles) have tended to look like torpedoes, if only because that makes it possible to launch them from the torpedo tube of a submerged submarine. But there are some interesting exception. One is the Theseus. Built in the 1990s for the U.S. and Canadian navies, to lay cable under the arctic ice, it is 50 inches (1.27 meter) in diameter, 11 meters long and weighs about nine tons. The Thesus can be out and about for over 60 hours on one mission. Much of its military use is classified, but it, and similar, "large UUVs" are apparently very popular for espionage operations.

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My Comment: It appears that the development of unmanned vehicles is not all in the air .... a good portion of it is happening underwater.

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