Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ridding Germany of U.S. Nuclear Weapons

Büchel Airbase, site of 20 U.S. Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Germany

From New York Times:

BERLIN — Tucked away in one of Germany’s finest wine regions close to the border with Luxembourg is the Büchel Air Base. Its perimeter is heavily guarded by the German Luftwaffe, or air force. And no wonder. Up to 20 nuclear weapons are stored in underground vaults, all in the custody of the 702nd Munitions Support Squadron, a U.S. Air Force unit, according to security experts.

No U.S., NATO or German Defense Ministry official will confirm or deny the existence of these weapons — at least not on the record — even though President Barack Obama has pledged to reduce and even rid the world of nuclear arms. “This issue is highly classified information,” said a U.S. diplomat. “We simply do not discuss it. You can ask questions and raise hypothetical scenarios, but I will circumvent them.”

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My Comment: I still expect these weapon systems to be gone in the future. Not now .... but in a year or two expect an announcement outlining an agreement in which there will be a draw down of these nuclear weapons stretched over a few years.

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