Friday, October 30, 2009

The Slow Death Of Colombia's FARC Guerrilla Movement

Why Colombia's Leftist Guerrillas Are Defecting -- Time Magazine

At a ramshackle radio station nestled in former guerrilla territory, a Colombian soldier-DJ dedicates a country-and-western-style ballad to all the rebels out there having second thoughts about la revoluciĆ³n. In the song, a former guerrilla touts the benefits of disarming. "My life has changed," he declares. "Now I've got a girlfriend. I'm with my family. I give thanks to God."

The message-laden music is part of an army propaganda blitz that includes radio spots, billboards and leaflets dropped by helicopter. Guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia — the nation's largest rebel group, known as the FARC — are told that by turning themselves in, their sins will be forgiven and they can start anew. The campaign is one of the pillars of a broader U.S.-backed military offensive that has driven the FARC out of the most important areas of Colombia and cut the size of the rebel army in half.

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My Comment:
In the end, only the stupid or the most fanatical will be left within FARC. After decades of war and attrition, it appears that FARC is a few steps away from degenerating into disorganized groups of narco growers and suppliers .... a shell of its former self.

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