Friday, October 30, 2009

U.S. Intelligence Spending Is $49.8 Billion

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The Intelligence Budget, Revisited -- Washington Independent

Last month, on a conference call with reporters, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair stated that the total budget for U.S. intelligence activities — an unsurprisingly murky total; and until recently a classified one — is $75 billion. As I later clarified, Blair meant the total for both military and non-military intelligence activities — as in the past two years since a congressional change mandating disclosure — only the so-called National Intelligence Program budget has been revealed, a figure that has hovered around $45 billion. And that meant that, per Blair’s disclosure in the conference call, the still-well-hidden (if not actually classified) Military Intelligence Program budget is around $30 billion. But aides to Blair stressed that we wouldn’t know the real National Intelligence Program budget until October, when the congressionally mandated unveiling would occur.

Well, today is the day! From Blair’s office:

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