Sunday, November 29, 2009

Canadian Combat Forces Will Be Out Of Afghanistan By 2011: Prime Minister

Canada Won't Extend Afghan Mission, Harper Says -- Globe And Mail

But no word on exactly how many Canadian troops would remain in country in non-combat roles after 2011 end date.

Canada is sticking to a 2011 end date for its combat mission in Afghanistan even as the United States prepares to significantly boost its military presence in the war-torn country.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, speaking at the conclusion of a Commonwealth leaders’ summit in Trinidad, said he doesn’t see any enthusiasm among Canada’s 308 MPs for prolonging or expanding this deployment.

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My Comment: As reported by this blog last month, after nine years of conducting combat operations in the Kandahar District the Canadian decision to leave Afghanistan is now final. Non-combat support staff will be left behind, but how many is still to be determined.

Is there a chance that this decision will be rescinded. I have some good contacts within the Conservative Party of Canada (they are the present Government), and all of them are telling me the same thing .... Canada will be out in 2 years.

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