Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ex-Detainees' Woes In Yemen Add To U.S. Fears Of Releasing Others

From The Washington Post:

ADEN, YEMEN -- Two years ago, Mohsin al-Askari was released from his prison cell at Guantanamo Bay, but he has found neither freedom nor a new life in his homeland. Potential employers are afraid to hire him. At 28, he depends on his father for financial support, charities for medical care.

With each rejection, his frustration grows, as does the temptation to return to his old life of jihad.

"The government hasn't done anything to help me," said Askari, his voice filled with bitterness.

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My comment: Yemen is in the midst of a Muslim civil war .... the Central Sunni Government against the Shiite tribes of the north .... as a result their focus is on this conflict not on taking care of some Yemenese detainees from Gitmo.

If there is one main reason why the facility should not be closed .... it is this one. But I predict that the Guantanamo detention facility will still be closed to fulfill President Obama's commitment to close it, and that most of these detainees from Yemen (some of them hardened Islamists) will be expatriated back to their country within a year.

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