Sunday, November 29, 2009

Obama Missile Defense Plan Clears Hurdle

From Global Security Newswire:

WASHINGTON -- Despite Republican denunciations of President Obama's decision to revamp plans for missile defenses in Europe, the Senate last week quietly offered its formal acceptance of his shift to the near-term deployment of a sea-based system to protect the continent from the looming threat of Iranian short- and mid-range missiles.

By unanimous consent, the Senate adopted an amendment to the fiscal 2010 Military Construction Appropriations bill allowing the Pentagon to use $68.5 million in unspent fiscal 2009 missile defense funds to build a Hawaii test facility for the Navy's Aegis Weapons System, which is central to the president's plans.

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My Comment: What a difference a few decades can make. When President Reagan talked about missile defense systems 25 years ago, the media focused on this story for years, and were almost universally negative in their coverage.

President Obama makes an equally big and strategic move in missile defense .... relying on the Aegis system to defend us against missile attacks .... and there is almost no coverage.

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