Sunday, November 29, 2009

What Are U.S. Soldiers On The Ground In Afghanistan Saying About The Upcoming Surge

U.S. soldiers keep watch near a site where a captured roadside bomb exploded in Naad Ali district of the southern Helmand province February 8, 2009 (Reuters)

Afghan Troops Eager For More Help Soon -- Washington Times

MAYWAND, Afghanistan | President Obama's pending decision to send thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan weighs heavily on U.S. forces already on the ground.

A Washington Times reporter and photographer spent much of October - the deadliest month for American troops there thus far - with U.S. Army soldiers in southern Afghanistan, who spoke openly of the need for more boots on the ground, the more and sooner the better.

"We need more troops," said Army Staff Sgt. Daniel Paul Rabidou, 24, stationed at a small combat outpost in the Maywand district. "It's just as simple as that."

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My Comment: There is a lot of info in this article. Read it all.

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