Monday, November 30, 2009

World News Briefs -- November 30, 2009 (Evening Edition)

ANALYSIS-Europe Unlikely To Respond Fully On Afghan Troops -- Reuters

BRUSSELS, Nov 30 (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama's European allies are unlikely to send as many troops as he wants to Afghanistan but some analysts say this could rally support at home for his expected pledge to dispatch more U.S. troops.

Obama is widely expected to announce on Tuesday he will send 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan to help quell violence that has reached its deadliest level since the Taliban's overthrow in 2001.

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Israeli right, settlers seethe over settlement ease.

Five British sailors taken hostage in Iran.

Saudi Arabia steps up fight against Yemen rebels.

Iran defies censure, plans 10 uranium sites.

If Mahmoud Abbas steps down, Hamas official next in line.

Israel's troublesome prisoner swap.


Obama facing tough selling job on Afghan policy.

US offers new role for Pakistan.

Pakistan’s leader, under pressure, cedes nuclear office.

East and west scramble for Turkmenistan's riches.

Japan plans major new stimulus package.


E.Guinea leader set for crushing re-election win.

3 Spanish aid workers kidnapped in Mauritania.

U.S.-bound oil tanker hijacked off Somalia.

Rwanda becomes a member of the Commonwealth.

Nigerian President's health fueling political tensions.

Uganda considers death sentence for gay sex in bill before parliament.

U.S.-bound oil tanker hijacked off Somalia.


John Demjanjuk, alleged Nazi death camp guard, goes on trial in Germany.

Swiss vote to ban new minarets.

Russia investigates attack on high-speed train.

Large Hadron Collider sets world energy record.


Canadian economy edges out of recession.

U.S. Senate opens work on healthcare bill.

Lima apologizes to Afro-Peruvians for abuses.

Former Marxist guerrilla wins presidential election in Uruguay.

Honduras elects conservative president Porfirio Lobo.

Woods withdraws from tourney, citing injuries.

Police: Suspect in U.S. police deaths hurt, maybe dead.


FBI adds two to most wanted terrorists list.

You’ve had eight years, now get us bin Laden, Brown urges Pakistan.

Russia train bombing: a return of terrorism?


Bernanke says limiting Fed independence would ‘impair’ economy.

Dubai's debt crisis in context.

Dubai needs to stop the contagion, fast.

UAE to back banks amid Dubai meltdown.

China's premier: Beijing to keep yuan stable.

Ministers to look to US during WTO meet.

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