Thursday, December 31, 2009

CIA Officers Slaughtered In Afghanistan (Brief News Recap)

The CIA Takes a Big Hit in the Afghan War -- Time Magazine

The U.S. intelligence community is reeling from one of the worst days in the CIA's history: the death of seven employees in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan on Wednesday. In keeping with its practice, the Agency will not comment on the deaths until it has formally informed the families of those killed. But several former CIA officers tell TIME the deaths will cast a pall over the Agency. "People walking into [CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia] will look at that Memorial Wall in a different way today," one former operations hand. "On a day like this, you want to stop in front of those black stars and bow in silence." There are currently 90 stars on the CIA's Memorial Wall at the Agency's headquarters: each star represents an employee killed in the line of duty. Many of their names remain secret.

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The words and stars carved in the marble facade of the north wall of the foyer of the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Va. honor those agency employees killed serving their country. The glass-encased Book of Honor displays the names of those who, in death, now can be revealed.(Christopher Morris/VII / AP Photo)

More News On The Killing Of CIA Officers In Afghanistan

Seven CIA agents killed in Afghan attack
-- Sydney Morning Herald
U.S. Revises Khost, Afghanistan Death Toll To Seven -- NPR
CIA Officers Are Killed in Afghan Attack -- Wall Street Journal
CIA probes how bomber penetrated Afghan base -- Reuters

My Comment: Our prayers are with their families tonight.

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Its time for some pay back for the attack on our heros.