Thursday, December 31, 2009

Iran Complicit In The Murder Of British Hostages

Iraq Hostage Peter Moore's Release Raises Questions -- BBC

As with most hostage dramas in the Middle East, the release of information technology specialist Peter Moore in Baghdad raises many questions, some of which may never be answered.

The release itself was unheralded until the last moment, when word went round that British Foreign Secretary David Miliband was about to make a statement on the Baghdad hostages.

Even then, there was nothing publicly known to suggest that it would be the happy news of the release of a live detainee, rather than grim tidings that another of the five had been handed over dead, as three already have been in June and September this year.

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More News On The Release Of Peter Moore

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My Comment: The Guardian has been on this story for months .... the reasons why these men were kidnapped (and some murdered) are detailed in the following must read expose.

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