Sunday, January 31, 2010

Afghanistan War News Updates -- January 31, 2010

Analysts and officials are warning the deaths of 44 foreign soldiers in January
is a sign of things to come. Photo AFP

January Death Rate Signal Of Tough Year In Afghan War -- AFP

KABUL — The Afghan war has notched up another grisly record, with the number of international troops to die in the fight against the Taliban the highest for the month of January since the war began.

With tens of thousands more international troops being deployed to Afghanistan this year, analysts and officials are warning the deaths of 44 foreign soldiers in January is a sign of things to come.

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More News On Afghanistan

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Troops detain Taliban commander in S. Afghanistan -- Xinhuanet
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Canadian general plans offensive against Taliban -- CTV
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Few see reason to take rumors of Taliban talks seriously -- McClatchy News
Karzai renews call for Taliban to reconcile -- AFP
Karzai urges Taliban talks before U.S. pullout -- Reuters
Afghan leader appeals to Taliban to lay down guns -- Yahoo News/AP
Hamid Karzai fails Taliban who gave up arms -- Times Online
In Afghanistan: fighting over the terms of a settlement -- Reuters
Afghan Taliban deny meeting with UN -- Yahoo News/AP

A Look at America’s New Hope: The Afghan Tribes -- New York Times
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US Marines fight a 'different war' in Afghanistan -- AFP
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Afghan 'geological reserves worth a trillion dollars' -- Yahoo News/AFP
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