Sunday, January 31, 2010

Al Qaeda's Philosophy Still Has Great Support In The Muslim World

Khaled al-Bawardi is an alumnus of the Prince Mohammed bin Nayef Centre for
Counselling and Care outside Riyadh

Recruits Seek Out Al-Qaeda's Deadly Embrace Across a Growing arc Of Jihadist Terror -- The Telegraph

Just two years ago al-Qaeda was believed to be on the back foot. Now the jihadist group is attracting ever more recruits across a growing arc of terror.

Bored, depressed and stuck in a dead-end job, Khaled al-Bawardi. spent just a few hours watching jihadi videos to convince himself that he wanted to fight for militant Islam.

It took another six years in Guantanamo Bay, plus a year in religious rehab in Saudi Arabia, to realise there might be better career options.

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My Comment: Another sobering analysis and observation that Al Qaeda is gaining more recruits and supporters .... even though for the past year US President Obama has been making a direct appeal to the Muslim world for cooperation and peace.

I guess the people that should be listening to President Obama are not .... and the only people who are listening to him are more likely his base of support back home or his allies abroad.

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Al Qaeda has dominated the battlefield of the soul among the disaffected, disenfranchised, and dissatisfied. It promises action instead of discussion. It avows to defend Islam through suicide bombings and mass murder.